Advantages of Digital Technology

future of advance technologies

With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence is evolving at a very high speed. The advancement in information technology is making the gadgets smarter. From electrical appliances to automobiles all can be easily connected and managed with the help of the internet. The education system is also taking full advantage of evolving technology. The internet is becoming an unavoidable part of the student’s lives. From daily home works to assignments and tests, students are highly dependent on web services.

Education institutions like schools and colleges are switching to advance digital technology to attract more students towards education. The web proctored exams are one such advanced technology that provides the freedom to choose the time and location of the exam to both students and the examiner according to them. Through this students can take courses even from foreign universities and pursue their studies without actually visiting campus. This new technology also helps to save money and time. The students of rural areas that find it difficult to come to urban areas to give exams can easily give them just by sitting at their convenient location.

The online proctoring services use the smart technical software designed by expert engineers which monitors the students through the webcams at the time of the examination. It also helps them to verify the student’s identity. This smart software can detect irrelevant activities and suspicious movements. It allows the examiners to invigilate the students online through screens. The most important advantage it includes is that students can give exams from any location and at any time.

Importance of web proctored exam includes :-

  1. Access to international courses – educational institutions like schools and colleges are creating virtual e-learning programs across the world. All students can’t afford to go abroad and pursue their studies at the university or school campus. Online proctoring acts as boon for such students. It enables the students to sit for the same exam irrespective of the location.
  2. Flexible time – the students and teachers can adjust the timing of the online exam according to their working environment and suitable timing. The convenience of scheduling and flexible timing in which both parties can decide makes it unique. This also provides the freedom to the students to choose the time.
  3. Physical location – it doesn’t matter where the student lives either in urban areas or rural areas, online proctoring allows students to giving exam even by sitting at home. It makes the courses available for international students to the local students also. Even this allows the students to work while studying. The student doesn’t need to be physically present on the school campus.
  4. Different types of exams – the universities, schools, and institutes use this technology to invigilate all types of exams conducted across the country like objective as well as subjective. It provides digital assistance to the examiners at the time of the exam.

Online proctoring is brings a revolution in the whole education system. It has highly reduced the hours spent to conduct exams and the headaches like the appointment of teachers and the arrangement of exam centres.  The cost of the online proctoring service varies. The providers make offers according to the budget of the client. The packages are made by them for low as well as high-level exams. One should always take a free trial of the service to determine its quality and the way it works before making any final decision.

There are certain requirements before you opt to give web proctored exams. These requirements include –

  1. A device like a laptop, smartphone, and tablet
  2. High and uninterrupted internet connection
  3. Webcam and microphones’

Many companies across the nation provide the online proctoring services but all are not best. Sometimes we pay a very high amount for the service but it doesn’t work well. Mettle proctoring service is the best of all the services where a person can safely and securely conduct the exams. It holds the reputed position in the information technology sector. The advanced technology used in proctoring services by them removes all the hassles and helps to take online exams easily.

There are three different types of online proctoring

  1. Live computer screen proctoring – the proctor service providers only appoint the well-educated proctors to monitor the students through the live computer screens. They are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of exams and maintain its integrity. On the online proctoring a single proctor can invigilate from 17 to 34 students at one time.
  2. Recorded video proctoring – there is no invigilator appointed to keep eye on students through live screens. The screen and audio-video of students giving the exam are recorded. The examiner can plays back this video and also plays back to back to check any irrelevant activity. These videos have also used a piece of evidence against the student if he found to do cheating at the time of examination. This proctoring removes the schedule and location problems as recorded videos can be seen anytime and anywhere.
  3. Automated advance proctoring – automate proctoring is an advanced form of proctoring services. In this mode also the screen of students while giving an exam is recorded but its system also plays a crucial role here. The system itself detects the activities even it detects the suspicious voice as well as the device. While using this authentication of students is done by face recognition.

Today, all the major universities and schools across the world are using web proctoring services as this enables them to reach more and more students and provide knowledge to them. As discussed above this includes the advantages like no examination centre is required, adjustable timings, and freedom to choose the location of the exam. The mettle provides advance proctoring technologies. Their technology helps education institutes to conduct exams with integrity and security. They also have attractive offers for the clients as they adjust the cost according to the one’s budget. For more information visit them online.

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