Angular 9: What to Expect in New Version of Angular

Changes in angular 9

Angular is one of the prominent open-source frameworks for building web and mobile applications. A new version Angular 9 is the smaller, faster, and easier to use and it will be making Angular developers’ life easier. Here we would discuss the new version of angular 9 and Changes in Angular 9

With Angular 9, the community can benefit from smaller, high-performance applications, and better developer experience. Developers now have clear syntax and clear project structure.

A key goal of Angular 9 is to make the Ivy compiler available for all apps. The main benefit of Ivy is that it is able to significantly to reduce the size of small or large-sized applications.

Angular 9 Features

· Smaller bundles and better performance

· Added undecorated classes migration schematic in the core

· Support for TypeScript Diagnostics Format

· The form control name accepts a number in the form

· Internationalization support for Angular Ivy

· Now allow selector-less directives as base classes in View Engine in the compiler

· Added support selector-less directive as base classes in Ivy and also make the Ivy compiler the default for NGC

· Convert all ngtsc diagnostics to ts.Diagnostics

· Bazel: support ts_library targets as entry-points for ng_package

· core: add dynamic queries schematic

· core: Mark TestBed.get as deprecated

· ivy: expose helper and also support ng-add in localize a package

· ivy: i18n — add syntax support for $localize metadata block

· ivy: i18n — reorganize entry-points for better reuse

· language-service: enable logging on TypeScriptHost

· language-service: provide diagnostic for invalid templateUrls

· language-service: provide diagnostics for invalid styleUrls

Notable Changes in Angular 9

1) Ivy applications:

Till The Date, in Ivy applications, Hammer providers were included by default. With this commit, apps that want Hammer support must import HammerModule in their root module i.e.

import {HAMMER_PROVIDERS} from ‘./dom/events/hammer_gestures’

2) ServiceWorker:

Remove deprecated option versioned files from service worker asset group configuration in ngsw-config.json

3) Performance Improvements

· ivy: don’t store public input names in two places

· ivy: fix creation time micro-benchmarks

· ivy: Improve performance of transplanted views

· ivy: avoid native node retrieval from LView

· ivy: avoid repeated native node retrieval and patching

· ivy: avoid repeated tNode.initialInputs reads

· ivy: move local references into consts array

· ivy: R3TestBed — Do not process NgModuleDefs that have already been processed

Bug Fixes in Angular 9

1) common: update $locationShim to notify onChange listeners before emitting AngularJS events.

2) compiler: return enableIvy true at the time of using read configuration.

3) Ivy:

· Get name directly from native node

· Handle empty bindings in the template type checker

· In ngcc, handle inline exports in commonjs code

· The ngcc should only index .d.ts exports within the package

· The ngTemplateOutlet error while switching between null or template value

4) language-service:

· Instantiate MetadataResolver once

· Remove ‘context’ used for module resolution

5) Ngcc:

· Handle deep imports that already have an extension

· Ignore format properties that exit however are undefined

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