Passing values to the controller in the Codeigniter using jQuery load

Passing values to the controller in the Codeigniter

Passing values to the controller in the Codeigniter.
It took little time to figure out how I can send values together with URL in Codeigniter. After researching little about load jQuery function and Codeigniter, I came to the following solution.

Need: I needed to pass the value of an attribute when the user clicks a link. It should load the controller method dynamically using jQuery.

I used load() method of jQuery in the following manner and pass the id as test_id.

In the Codeigniter controller method test, I grabbed the test_id using Codeigniter’s post method,  $this->input->post(‘test_id’), alternative could be $_POST[‘test_id’]

And my problem is solved.

$(document).ready(function() {

    $('.link').click(function(){//element to be click to load the page in the div 

    $('#content').load(path, {test_id: $(this).attr("id")});


function test(){  

 echo $test_id = $this->input->post('test_id', TRUE);


In the view

<div id="content">

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