Top 6 Leading PHP Frameworks For Web Development

PHP Frameworks For Web Development

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most mainstream and broadly used open-source universally useful scripting language for web development Companies. Top 6 PHP Frameworks For Web Development. Today, Website Designers require to assemble complex websites and it can require some investment and inconvenience to consistently get-go without any preparation, so came the requirement for a progressively organized common method for advancement. Here PHP systems give web developers an agreeable answer for that. However, the significant inquiry here is “The reason to Use A PHP Framework”.

There are plenty of reasons behind this and we have listed below some key reason on why developers like to use PHP frameworks:

  • Provide organized and maintainable code
  • Allows you to grow over time as web apps running on frameworks are scalable
  • You do not need to worry about low-level security of a site
  • Follow the MVC pattern that makes sure the separation of presentation and logic
  • Promote modern web development practices like object-oriented programming tools
  • It makes speed development possible
PHP Frameworks For Web Development
PHP Frameworks For Web Development

Web Development Frameworks For PHP

Laravel PHP Framework

 Laravel PHP Framework

Released in 2011, a generally new PHP platform, however, it has won everybody’s heart by giving a stunning network. This structure is otherwise called PHP Framework for Web Artisans” and the originator of Laravel Built it to address heaps of concerns, for example, name and absence of inherent help for client approval.

The prime motivation reason why Laravel is the strongly prescribed system is that it leaves the whole design open for all outsider modules. Laravel is intended for quick structure applications utilizing the MVC design.

A part of the key advantages of Laravel is Organize less and code, Unit testing (FAST on HHVM), MVC engineering (and PHP7), Rapid application improvement, High degree of reflection, Best documentation of any, Tons of out of the container usefulness, payment gateway integration with stripe, Overloading capacities utilizing dynamic techniques, ORM solid encryption bundles. It Has as a primary concern that Laravel does loads of inquiries on your database.

Zend PHP Framework

Zend php framework

A firm and stable PHP model, Zend accompanies heaps of astonishing design choices that imply it is suggested for more intricate ones instead of small projects. It has partners like IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe. Zend Framework 3.0 which is the most recent discharge has a few astonishing highlights, including a convenient simplified editorial manager with help for front-end innovations (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), cryptographic coding apparatuses, quick internet troubleshooting, an associated Database Wizard PHP Unit testing instruments, etc. This structure was made with an Agile strategy that assists with conveying great applications to big business clients.

Zend Framework is licensed under the Open Source Initiative (OSI)-approved New BSD License. For ZFv1 all code contributors must sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) based on the Apache Software Foundation’s CLA. The licensing and contribution policies were established to prevent intellectual property issues for commercial ZF users, according to Zend’s Andi Gutmans. ZF2 and later is CLA free. There is also longterm support available for the framework (long term support or LTS) for a total duration of 3 years.

CodeIgniter PHP Framework


One of the classic PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter was released in 2006 and focused on RAD. Some of the key elements of this framework are MVC support, Robust security, small Footprint, active community, good performance, etc. Aside from that, Add-ons/plug-ins are available with full-blown search engines, and you can use your own codes or compose conferences, with only certain conflicts addressing category name conflicts. Remember that CodeIgniter seems to give you more power than it can handle.

Some of the major features of this framework include developer-friendly, Excellent alternatives (non-MVC), require no special support or promises, Good LTS Documentation (Long-Term Support), with the ability to use standard web hosting resources, using common data such as MySQL. CodeIgniter has a few Cons as well. For example -No space name, Unhelpful in unit tests like any other with a few libraries built into the framework. Apart from that, it is outdated and does not support modern PHP features and there are security issues that for years could be followed by the development team.

Therefore we expect that CodeIgniter 4.0 which is expected to release in 2020 should have all these errors shorted out.

CakePHP: a PHP Framework


Lightweight framework with excellent documentation, CakePHP requires simple and compact coding, and eventually, the developer has to write less code. It is known for its easy to understand framework as well as the speed of its templates process. Built-in “CRUD is one of its unique features that makes it great for database communication. Some of the key benefits of CakePHP are supporting the modern framework and PHP 5.5+, including database access, caching, validation and authentication, built-in, actively developed, commercial web applications (MIT license), scaffolding and scalability, scripting prevention and SQL injection prevention. But Restful is not good at building APIS.

Cake PHP has a variety of features to cover all the odd actions that web developers need. For example, security, emails, request management, cookies and session management.

Yii PHP Framework for Web Development


The Yii PHP Framework is widely used worldwide. It has many features that help to speed up website performance compared to other frameworks. Some of Yi’s key features are easy to install, very extensible, use advanced technology, codeception testing integration, reduce development time, improved URL handling and processing, documentation generator, translation of key messages in 26 languages, and performance and security improvements.

Yi is the perfect choice for high-end web development such as portals, CMS, business apps, forums, and many other advanced web development.

When it comes to security, it provides excellent tools for working with security from authentication, SQL injections, passwords, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, and so on. Slow websites create disgruntled users, so this gives you plenty of tools to help you slow down your app even more.

Symfony: a PHP Framework

Symfony : php development framework
Symfony: PHP development framework

One of the best PHP frameworks and is very popular due to its consistent and continuous production. Features of Symphony 2 are reusable PHP libraries that can be considered stand-alone and are configurable, secure, and tested. In October 2005, the first symphony version was introduced as free software under the MIT license. The main goal of Symphony 2 is to accelerate the creation and maintenance of web applications by overriding repetitive coding tasks. It helps web developers to build strong enterprise applications.

Some of Symphony’s main advantages are well documented, maintained or supported, bytecode caching is a high performance, well supported and very mature and stable. While the documentation is good, keep in mind that there is a good learning curve. Also, it does not support MVC.


So, this is our top 6 most popular PHP Frameworks For Web Development in the PHP Website development community. PHP frameworks have made the Web development process really easy and every professional PHP Web development company uses one or more of these platforms as their major Web development platform.

If you need to choose PHP frameworks, then you can go for any of these as all are easy to use plus has all the features that PHP Web Developers need. The documentation is quite comprehensive and you could easily see the complexity and implementation of a particular project just by reading the code. Remember, whether you’re an experienced programmer or a fresher, you’ll love them all.

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