how to Force a React Component to Render

React Component to Render

In This Blog we will discuss about React Component to Render The charm of React components is that they automagically render as well as update based upon a change in state or props; merely upgrade the state from any kind of place and all of a sudden your UI element updates– awesome! There may be a situation, nevertheless, where you just want to strength a fresh render of a React part.

Note: In most cases you need to never force a React element to re-render; re-rendering ought to constantly be done based on state or props changes. However, I do not evaluate as well as there might be a situation where you legally required to force a React components to re-render so allow’s have it!

Force React Component Render

There are multiple ways to force a React component render but they are essentially the same.  The first is using this.forceUpdate(), which skips shouldComponentUpdate:

someMethod() {
    // Force a render without state change...

Assuming your component has a state, you could also call the following:

someMethod() {
    // Force a render with a simulated state change
    this.setState({ state: this.state });

This blog doesn’t intend to be prescriptive, so I wont scold designers for utilizing this strength technique. Once again, there’s likely a much better, much more “React-y” means to render a component correctly, however, if you are hopeless to get an element to render on command, there are many means to do so with React.

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