Upload Multiple files Using CodeIgniter?

Usually we do require some type of multiple images upload or multiple file upload in different projects so we have uploaded this multiple files upload via codeignitor

multiple-file uploads codeignitor

This is just an add on my previous blog of Codeigniter where we have made Codeigniter file upload using ajax. suppose you want to upload multiple files instead of one upload then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Installation Copy MY_Upload.php to your application/libraries directory. If you are using a prefix other than MY_ for your classes and/or alternative file paths, adjust accordingly.

Usage Load the Upload class as usual, in your controller call the function do_multi_upload(). If you are uploading a single file, it will default to the regular do_upload() method. In the form, set field names to array (e.g. name=”userfile[]”)


visit Github Repositry https://github.com/Appfinz/multiplefile-upload-codeignitor.git

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